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Meet Danielle. Artist, Writer
& Restaurateur.

For Danielle, the art of cooking represents nothing short of sheer magic and is a pastime that brings her an unmatched source of pleasure.

Food is more than a hobby for Danielle. It’s a lifestyle. No matter the occasion, you are likely to find her dreaming up her next recipe, documenting her most recent food encounter, or actively seeking out the next best dining destination. If you’re lucky, you might even find yourself in her kitchen for a private chef service.


Danielle was born and raised in Montana and spent her undergraduate years working in the best restaurants in the Palouse. If you haven’t been, let us be the first to tell you. Nestled between two college towns and an impressive expanse of farmland, the Palouse is home to a number of noteworthy restaurants. While it is true the seeds that fuel Danielle’s passion for food were planted much earlier on, her time in Moscow watered and nurtured those seeds, and helped to hone and define the person she would eventually become. ​


Front of house was just a title for Danielle as most of her time was spent where the magic happens. Though she spent her time in the industry working as a craft bartender and server, it was clear to all those around her the back of house was where she truly belonged. Most often, you would find Danielle sneaking to the back, working directly alongside the chef deboning fresh fish, plating desserts with the utmost detail, and learning everything she could from the talent around her. These were not job requirements, of course, but no task was out of bounds for Danielle. She wanted to learn everything and she recognized she was working with the best in the industry. This was a major time of expansion and growth.  

Fast-forward to today. Danielle is the Executive Chef and Founder of Apericena, a casual, upscale European ristorante in Hyde Park; the Executive Chef and Founder of the newest dining concept to join the Boise food scene, Maison de Hélène; the founder of Haute Foods, an organic, farm to table meal delivery service located in the heart of Boise; and an active author and food journalist for The Good Eats Guide.

Regardless of the season, you are guaranteed to find Danielle at her local farmer’s market in search of the most beautiful produce on the market. Her approach to food is fresh and vibrant, with a focus on organic, local ingredients and seasonality. She is intentional in creating recipes that are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat, and her artistry is always on display. ​


While she calls Boise home, Danielle lives to see the world and experience the richness of its many cuisines. Throughout her travels, she has been intentional in seeking out those who share her same passion for finding the extra among the ordinary, and there is nothing that makes her happier than sharing her love of food with all those she encounters.

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